Identifying Binder Connectors

712 series with male contacts

Binder connectors used by Aim for their data loggers and dashes  come in 2 varations.

The completely plastic 719 series is used as a 3  way on some older kart systems. The 4 way is used on many sensors  and extension leads.

The 712 has a metal screw locking mechanism. The 3 way is used  on karts for water temperature. The 4 way is used extensively for connecting sensors to logging systems. The 5 way is  generally a communication channel  such as CAN or serial. The 7 and 8 way were used on the older XG Log data logger.

To describe them as male or female is confusing as  they typically  a male housing with female sockets.  So like military connectors we describe the orientation of the contacts as the important feature,  the housing is secondary.


Binder 712 series with female  contacts
712 with female contacts
Binder 719 series with sockets
719 Binder 4 way with socket contacts
Binder 712 with pin contacts
712 with male contacts
Binder 719  series with pins
719 Binder 4 way with pin contacts