OEM Connectors

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Connectors are all about detail and phones do not show fine detail properly !

Connectors can be broken into 4 groups :

  • OEM.  Connectors used by vehicle manufacturers to connector to engines and chassis. This group makes up the bulk of the connectors on this web site.
  • Autosport and military. The Autosport type of connector was developed for the motorsport after the motorsport industry took military connectors and  started modifing them to suit the motorsport environment. They now both have similar specifications and numbering systems. Deutscha nd Souriau are the 2 main suppliers.
  • Datalogging / dashboards / motorsport.  Connectors used by data logging and dashboard manufacturers. ITT Canon sureseals were popular with Stack, Astratech, Pi Research and 2D, all using them.  More recently the Binder 719 and 712 series have been used by Aim and 2D. The Deutsch DTM range is increasingly popular with general motorsport and marine use and is widely used by Motec.
  • DTM and ATM. These waterproof connectors have become a standard for motorsport where the military derived connectors prove to be too expensive. The DTM and ATM range are mutally compatible.


All connectors on this web site come from original equipement manufacturers.* That is,the companies that supply Suzuki, Honda, and Toyota. Some names you will recognise like Tyco, AMP, and Deutsch. Others like Sumitomo, Yazaki, Souriau you may have never heard of.

There are no copies, knock off or any other inferior connectors on this web site.

* there is one, only one, non original connector on this web site. Find it and we will send you a chocolate fish with your next order.