raychem type 44 and 55

Wiring is now a critcal part of a modern competition car, it is no longer the last thing that gets paid any attention.

Reliable wiring and connectors are now critical.

Motorsport  has followed aerospace in wiring specifications and best practice, modifing the requirements in the last 20 years or so. So while there is plenty of  "mil- spec " wire out there  make sure you look out for :

  • Tin plated copper.  Pure copper corrodes and the exposed ends will corode unless protected, particularly in poor environments
  • Insulation temperature rating. This is the main difference between cheaper PVC coated cable and military spec. Typically look for a rating of 150 degree maximum
  • Chemical  / fluid / solvent resistance
  • overall size 
  • flexibility 


Kiwi Connectors stocks Raychem type 44 and 55.  Rated to  -65 -150 degrees.

Prices vary between colours. White is always the cheapest option.