ATM Connectors

3 way ATM combination kit

The ATM range of connectors are a high-performance, compact, cost-effective solution specifically designed for smaller AWG applications. They are fully interchangable with other manufacturers connectors.

The connector design incorporates an integral latching system that ensures a definitive electrical and mechanical connection. The housings are a thermoplastic material that is durable, has excellent UV resistance and dielectric/mechanical properties. They are tough !  Sealing system is internal and rear silicone. Contacts are turned mil spec with a nickel or gold finish.

Alternative keyways are available in the larger 8 and 12 way housings. There are also heatshrink boot versions with a rear lip and high temperature versions.

Our ATM connectors are sold as kits. Each kit has a housing, contact pins or sockets and wedge lock. Spare contacts are available separately.

Note ! Some of the popular online suppliers sell "kits" that only contain the housing and wedge lock ! Not surprisingly the contacts are then twice the price they are on this web site. Beware. A kit in our definition contains all parts.

We also sell ATM as combination kits. This is male and female housings with all parts - this is the cheapest and easiest way to purchase. 

Service kits - if you have and idea of what you would like to see in a service kit let us know and we will put one together.