Vbox New Zealand
Vbox New Zealand

Vbox by Racelogic combines the power of data logging and on board cameras together on a single screen. Detail can be read from the data traces  such as throttle angle while comparing race lines and other visual information all on the same point of the track.

The Vbox difference  -

  • software has been designed for drivers, not engineers

  • combines tradiational data logging with cameras ( and audio for rallying )

  • used by professional drivers / coaches

  • extensive online support and tutorials, real world examples 

  • connection to existing data acqusition, Motec ECUs, Aim Dashes, other CAN

The best sportsmen and women all have coaches to extract their best performances - have you got a driver coach ? Have a read of how this is the next best thing to having a coach with you - use a vbox

Now supported in New Zealand by Kiwi Connectors, who have been using data aquisition on racing cars and bikes since 1992. 

There are a considerable number of spares, clamps, cameras, cables and other connections available from Vbox Motorsport. Please call if there is some you require and can't find it listed.