Terms and Conditions of Sale

Kiwi Connectors Web Terms and conditions



Orders are  processed with in 48 hours of receiving the order ( Monday to Friday New Zealand time )

Shipping from New Zealand  can take  a few days so  as a rule order on a Wednesday - Thursday. Most airfreight works over the weekend  and  this can help speed the process up. Please remember  the day starts in New Zealand first, so an order placed at 10am in London on a Thursday  won’t be seen here until Friday morning.


Within New Zealand - standard  post.

There is no facility to collect,  we are not a conventional retail shop. All the information we have is on the web site.

Prices exclude GST - most of our customers are off shore  and they don’t have to pay GST


The rest of the world

All international orders are shipped via International Express Courier. This gives us the ability to track  the shipment and requires a signature - thus no PO Boxes  and the need for a phone number.


Currency and Payment

You can pay by Visa or MasterCard. We also offer  paying directly into our bank account.

Note  - no Paypal.



All prices are in $NZD  ( New Zealand dollars ) 

Depending where you live  you may be liable for local duties and sales taxes - sorry !


Returns :

Lets be honest  here  - we do not encourage customers sending parts back ! This  is not a dress shop!

Processing returns  causes work for every one  with no real gain  so we ask that you  be very careful  when ordering parts. Many connectors look similar, some only differ by the location of the keyways.  So for a start check:

location of keyways, and number of keyways

dimensions length and width


If you do order incorrectly  you will have to pay for the  shipping of the incorrect part to you, back to us, and the new correct part. We will also charge a 20% restocking fee  so it pays  to take your time and be careful.

If you have made an error  the costs are as above. If we have made an error  we will ship for free and refund your shipping costs. In all cases  you must email


to receive a returns number. Sounds like a pain  but you would be surprised how many customers think we know all about them with no communication. DO NOT send any thing back with out a returns number. All packaging and components must be included.


  • Your name, address and email are only used by us to communicate with you.  We do not sell, barter or give away your contact details to any other organisation, ever. Ever. Spam is an abuse of  the open system that current email systems are, and we never do business with any one or business that have ever sent us spam. Never, not at all.  Zero Tolerance.
  • When ordering, your credit card information is sent directly to the credit card gateway.  We do NOT store your credit card details on our system.